Aerial Champagne Service

Profi, csinos és kedves légtornászaink ízletes pezsgővel üdvözlik az érkező vendégeket. Fontos az első benyomás egy rendezvényen! Ha a welcome drink-et nem egyszerűen egy tálcáról kínálják, hanem a levegőből, az egy egész estére kitartó mosolyt, jókedvet és felejthetetlen élményt kölcsönöz vendégei számára.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Recommended venue: Entrance of events
Recommended event type: Exclusive events, corporate events, conferences, banquets

– An area of at least 3 meters by 3 meters which is clean, free of obstacles, and not slippery
– Sound amplifier for the background music (high performance active speaker, mp3 player)
– Lockable changing room with personal hygiene facilities
– Suspension point to which the tissue or the hoop can be safely attached
– The minimum bearing capacity of the suspension point at one given point: 10kN
– For indoors events:
    – Floor to ceiling height of at least 5 meters

– Sound system (1 active speaker mounted on a stand) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Lighting system (8 colourful LED PAR lights mounted on stands) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Pyrotechnical effects (spark fountains mounted on a stand) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Flaming number or letter display (1 meter height letters mounted on stands; only for outdoors!) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]