A unique show in Hungary in which we dazzle the audience with tricks performed in a virtuoso manner with one or more hula-hoops. We also obtained the basics of hula-hoop shows 10 years ago at the training site of the Capital Circus of Budapest, during juggling classes. Since that time we have develop the circus hoop shows with nowadays popular hooping and contact hula-hoop. During the show we use a colourful hoop illuminated by UV light, a hula-hoop with LED lights programmed to music, and fiery hoops, as well. Therefore, our performance has become really colourful, spectacular and unique.
After the show an audience of maximum 30 they have to opportunity to try the hula-hoop in 35 minutes. The weighted, self-made hoops are of course provided by us. We recommend it to everyone who wishes to learn a body-shaping workout or just wishes to try this fantastic and energizing work-out.

Duration of show: 5-10 minutes
Interactive program: 35 minutes

Recommended venue: Out- and indoors
Recommended event type: Corporate parties, team building trainings, festivals, sporting events, events in hotels, etc.

– An area of at least 3 meters by 3 meters which is clean, free of obstacles, and not slippery
– Sound amplifier for the background music (high performance active speaker, mp3 player)
– Electrical current of 230V near the stage
– Lockable changing room with personal hygiene facilities
– For indoors events:
    – Floor to ceiling height of at least 6 meters
    – Continuously working ventilation and extractor fans
    – Fire alarm, smoke detectors and sprinkler should be switched off for the duration of the show and the following 10 minutes

– Sound system (1 active speaker mounted on a stand) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Lighting system (8 colourful LED PAR lights mounted on stands) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Pyrotechnical effects (spark fountains mounted on a stand) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Flaming number or letter display (1 meter height letters mounted on stands; only for outdoors!) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]