A real jungle fire theatre with flaming sticks, clubs, spears, a show with hunting and acrobatic jumps. The dramaturgy of the show is constructed from scenes accessible to everyone, forming a coherent story. Therefore, we recommend it for family events as a program for children. Because the story is understandable and exciting for even small children.

Duration: 5-30 minutes

Recommended venue: Outdoors, recommended to those locations where a stage cannot be set up. Grassy areas with trees
Recommended event type: Events for children, family days, festivals, children’s parties, carnivals, team building events, etc.

The fire juggling team of Firemagic consists of dancers who are certified pyrotechnists with fire safety specialist examination. The safety of the audience is most importance to us. During the show we do not use oily dripping fluids that can make the stage slippery.

– An area of at least 6 meters by 6 meters which is clean, free of obstacles, and not slippery
– Sound amplifier for the background music (high performance active speaker, mp3 player. If it’s not at the event, we’ll provide it!)
– Electrical current of 230V near the stage
– Lockable changing room with personal hygiene facilities
– For indoors events:
    – Floor to ceiling height of at least 6 meters
    – Continuously working ventilation and extractor fans
    – Fire alarm, smoke detectors and sprinkler should be switched off for the duration of the show and the following 10 minutes