SmartPoi SHOW

SmartPoi opens a new dimension in the world of performance. Our self-made LED juggling tool, which dazzlingly in the air spinning, display your business logo, image, pattern, and short text. Fantastic experience for the audience.
Now free 2,5 minutes SmartPoi show to all performances!

Duration: 2,5 – 5 minutes

Recommended venue: Indoors, stage performance
Recommended event type: Exclusive events, corporate events, conferences, banquets, Christmas parties

– An area of at least 3 meters by 3 meters which is clean, free of obstacles, and not slippery
– Sound amplifier for the background music (high performance active speaker, mp3 player)
– Electrical current of 230V near the stage
– Lockable changing room with personal hygiene facilities
– For indoors events:
   – Floor to ceiling height of at least 3 meters
   – Darken

– Sound system (1 active speaker mounted on a stand) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Lighting system (8 colourful LED PAR lights mounted on stands) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Pyrotechnical effects (spark fountains mounted on a stand) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]
– Flaming number or letter display (1 meter height letters mounted on stands; only for outdoors!) [MORE ABOUT THIS…]